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  • Renee McFarland

Am I Transgender/Non Conforming?

This is just one question that children, teens, adults, and parents may ask.

Although each one of us has a gender identity–a deep-seated, inner sense of being male or female–not everyone’s #genderidentity matches the sex that was assigned to them at birth. And, many of us do not match the stereotypes associated with how we should express our gender.  So what do we do?

Do you think you are '#transgender' or non conforming and don't know what to do?

Do you know of anyone that is being discriminated against due to being transgender?

If so tell me about it here!

You have legal rights!

Some states have passed gender identity anti discrimination laws that apply to schools and out-of-home-care settings. Some states have passed laws that specifically prohibit bullying on the basis of gender identity. Even in states that have no such laws, federal statutes like the Equal Access Act and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act protect equal opportunity and free expression. The U.S. Constitution, like many state constitutions, guarantees equal protection—which means that public schools and a range of other facilities must present valid reasons for treating someone differently.


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Renee McFarland
28 de jan. de 2019



26 de jan. de 2019

As a transgender male that has been disowned by his parents and family, it is important to get informed on everything that offers support and protection for us especially in a world that can be ignorant, but is also learning to be supportive of us. If you are a parent of a transgender child, trust me when I tell you that everything you do to get informed about this whole matter will mean the world to your kid. Renee has helped me a lot and helps me with any information I might need in any situation I have.

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